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When Publicity Stunts Get Awesome: Atlanta Thrashers Mascot ‘Arrested’

It was like the O.J. Simpson chase, only without Al Cowlings…and a Zamboni instead of a white Bronco. Oh, and no double murders. That’s an important distinction.

Thrash, the mascot for the Atlanta Thrashers, has had all he can stands and he can’t stands no more as it relates to the NHL team’s anemic ticket sales. You see, despite winning 10 of their past 12 games, the attendance at Thrashers games is pitiful, averaging just a paltry 11,789 fans per game, bad enough to rank 28th out of 30th NHL teams.

So, Thrash did what any sensible mascot would do once they have reached their wit’s end: he stole a Zamboni and initiated a low-speed chase through suburban Atlanta. Of course, he was subsequently “arrested.”

Video of Thrash’s arrest follows.

Gripping stuff. Atlanta Thrashers blogger “Ice Man” recaps how it all went down. Via the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

His issue? Well, it seems he has been distraught over the fact that Atlanta sports fans have still not seemed to have gotten the message of how well this Thrashers team has been playing and wanted to draw attention to them by way of this outlandish stunt.

Later in the day, Thrashers reporter Shea Allen informed the concerned citizens of Thrasherville that Thrash had gone before the judge and was found guilty of Grand Theft Zamboni…an offense that could have caused the bird to fry in the chair. Or frying pan…I’m really not up to speed on my criminal law.

However, Thrash will, instead remain in the Gwinnett County jail until 5,000 addition seats have been sold for the remaining home games in the month of December. In an official statement, Atlanta Thrashers SVP & CSO Tracy White said, “While the Thrashers organization doesn’t condone the illegal actions taken by Thrash, we do support his motives and hope the citizens of greater Atlanta will wake up and support the team”.

Wow. That’s commitment to the cause. Even if it is all simply a ruse.

Awesome. Be sure to frequently check out the Thrashers’ website for up-to-the-minute updates as well as additional videos, including an interview with Thrash’s psychologist. Poor bastard. I think I’m referring to Thrash, but I suppose I could be referring to the psychologist as well.

Thrash… buddy. Why’d ya do it? [Atlanta Journal Constitution]