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Stop The Kardashiansanity! Lamar Odom’s Christmas Card Will Haunt Your Dreams

Dear Lord. Terrifying. Certifiably, positively, unquestionably disturbing. Potentially emotionally scarring, even. And Lamar Odom made the conscious decision to freaking marry into this hot mess. And to the ugliest Kardashian harlot, no less.

I suppose this is what rich families who masquerade as celebrities do for their annual Christmas card. It looks more to me like a bunch of figures from a wax museum momentarily came to life and dressed up in garish attire before returning to frozen, lifeless, inanimate objects.

Yeah, I guess I won’t be sleeping tonight. for Christ’s sake, Bruce Jenner’s wax doppelganger could be coming to get me. Actually, “Bruce Jenner” and “wax doppelganger” is somewhat of a redundant statement. Please excuse my error.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]