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Noted Jagoff Of Some Renown, Christian Laettner, Set To Work Out With ABA Team

Christian Laettner, one of the most notorious douchebags ever spawned by the Duke Blue Devils basketball program, has announced his intention to begin working out with first-year ABA team Jacksonville Giants. Boy, how lucky are those guys, right?

But have no fear, anti-Dukies, Laettner has no intention of reviving his satisfyingly marginal professional basketball career; the petulant, pretentious and pompous former pro simply has grown tired of his regular workout routine and thought it would be a hoot to practice with the Giants, who are based only a short distance away from his home in Ponte Vedra Beach, and dazzle players he undoubtedly believes will gladly genuflect and bask in his magnificent aura of success…at least in the college ranks.

Via The Florida Times-Union:

“I’m tired of my daily routine workouts and look forward to a little five-on-five with these Giants,’’ Laettner said.

Poor Christian Laettner. Nothing to do to pass the time but work out and then spend hour upon hour admiring himself in the mirror. It’s a hard knock life, but I guess somebody’s got to do it.

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