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NHL Player Nearly Face Plants His Way Into Your Living Room

Like, far out, man. It’s almost like St. Louis Blues defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo is coming right at you and if it were not for the glass, he would have ended up right in the laps of all the hockey fans watching the Red Wings-Blues game on FSN Detroit.

The esteemed Wysh over at Puck Daddy makes the argument that this is proof positive that NHL action would be mesmerizing in 3D. I am inclined to agree.

Video follows.

Whoa, dude. That’s pretty intense. Maybe after all those years after I required therapy after watching Jaws 3D, I’m not ready for 3D in my living room yet. Although in that case, said therapy was due to the traumatizing effects from the abject stupidity of that terrible movie.

[H/T Puck Daddy]