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Baby Got Back(fat): Photo Evidence Of The Real Reason LeBron James Left Cleveland

Yamma hamma, it’s Fright Night.

Courtesy of twitpic citizen Adri_Mane comes this photo along with their speculation that this Big Booty ‘Bron Backer might have been the the (diabetic bale of) straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, which caused LeBron to spurn Cleveland for the warmer and much shapelier environs of South Beach.

That’s a whole lotta woman right there, kids. In my humble opinion, she belongs right up there with Portly Pittsburgh Steelers Gal in the heavily-supported (she puts the “butt” in “buttressed”) pantheon of “larger than life” female sports fans who, when they say, “Gotta support the team,” they mean they could literally support the team. Just lean on up in there, fellas.

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