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Sponsored Post: Best Advancement In Sports Ever? (Courtesy Of Captain Morgan)

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Recently, I was presented with a seemingly simple task by the good folks of Captain Morgan. To accomplish my assignment, I was to come up with what I thought was the best advancement from the world of sports which  has created unparalleled improvement and the reasons why said advancement was far and above the cream of the crop as it related to others, be they a technological improvement, a means by which fairness of play was enhanced or even an advancement which improved the overall entertainment factor. Silly me, I figured accomplishing  the modest task that was my charge would be easy, easy like Sunday morning. Nope.

As I contemplated the conundrum laid out for me, I quickly realized that over the years, we have seen such a multitude of changes to sports (e.g. shot clock in basketball, instant replay in football, the shootout in the NHL – okay maybe not the shootout), not to mention in so many facets of the respective sports, that coming up with the Best One Ever would be a far more dubious task than I had originally envisioned. I mean, what makes one better than another? And what criteria was I to use in determining which one was the best? The options and possibilities were endless. So while my idea as to what has been the Best Advancement In Sports Ever may be different than yours, hopefully you will find it difficult to disagree with me that if it were not for this particular advancement, sports – and the many ways in which we enjoy them – would be so vastly different the world of sports would indeed by unrecognizable.

Yep. The television. The old Boob Tube. What? No, that’s not a cop out at all. Bear with me here. Without the continuing technological advancements relating to the television, sports, and the way in which we consume them, would be completely unrecognizable. If televised sports hadn’t become the primary means through which we experience sports, the aforementioned sports advancements briefly mentioned above never would have occurred. Without TV – and let’s face it, television, and the incredible sums of revenue it generates for professional and amateur sports alike, most certainly “feeds the beast,” so to speak – nothing about sports would be the same.

Without television, there would have been no need for the advent of the shot clock in basketball, no instant replay in football or even the shootout in hockey. These advancements were implemented only to generate more interest and to make sporting events even more compelling and entertaining on television. And with that came more income for sports leagues which was pumped back into the game to further enhance and improve the televised viewing experience. Without the millions of people watching sports on TV and the obscene amounts of revenue created through it, how much would have really changed about sports in the past 50-60 years? There would have been no Wide World of Sports, no cable, no ESPN (gasp!), no Best Damn Sports Show Ever (double gasp!), no HD, no 3D, no NFL Sunday Ticket, no MLB Extra Innings, and so on and so forth.

Of course, this is a somewhat simplified, stripped down way of looking at the issue, but I am a simple man. And when you peel away all the layers and get to the core essence of what sports are today, television – and through it, every developing visual medium by which we watch and experience sports – has been and will continue to be the catalyst for all continuing advancements in essentially every sport. Except curling. If you have never heard a curling match – or whatever they call a curling competition – broadcast via the wonders of radio, you have been missing out. Mesmerizing.

That’s right, kiddos. Television. Keep an eye on it. It’s really going places.

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