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Ron Washington Sniffed Out Cliff Lee’s Departure Long Before It Happened

As the dust settles from the Cliff Lee Sweepstakes and everyone is allowed to take in a deep snort of air through their nostrils to clear their heads, there was one person was likely intricately involved in the overall process who wasn’t surprised how it all shook out, with Lee signing with the Phillies: Rangers manager Ron Washington. And he’s not being snooty about it, either. No really, this will blow your mind.

Via ESPN Dallas:

“I’m not surprised by anything that happens in baseball,” Washington said. “I wondered if they’d get involved because he played there before. He did what he felt was best for him and his family. I wish him well.”

Interesting. The tone of this post is amusing, you see, because I weakly attempted to make several cocaine-related jokes regarding Washington. Because subject matter as it pertains to feeble attempts at humor has to get pretty stale around these parts before I’ll pass on it. But that’s part of the Sportress’ enduring charm, right?

Cliff Lee doesn’t stun Ron Washington [ESPN Dallas]