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Kobe And Obama, Comedy Duo? It’s Funny Because ‘Ring’ Has Different Meanings

The highly anticipated meeting between President Obama and the world champion Los Angeles Lakers took place yesterday in D.C., but not at the White House, as is usually the custom. Instead, the Lakers hooked up with the President at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington in order to promote NBA Cares. Among the activities which occurred at the Boys & Girls Club included the team and Obama participated in several community service projects, which included preparing “toiletry kits for the homeless and care packages for wounded veterans and their families.” The President was also presented with a replica of the Championship Banner which hangs in Staples Center.

It must have been difficult for Obama, a die-hard Bulls fan, to be forced to set aside his allegiances for the day in order to properly commemorate the Lakers’ remarkable achievements, but that didn’t prevent a little good-natured ribbing to take place between the Commander-in-Chief and Kobe Bryant.

Via ESPN Chicago:

“Derrick Rose may have your number,” President Obama lightheartedly jabbed at Kobe Bryant as the team posed for a photograph…

“I said, ‘If he calls that number, I’ll be sure to pick up after the fifth ring,'” Bryant quipped back — referring, naturally, to the five championship rings he has.

Ha. Rings. That’s gold. And more than likely improvised. You can’t teach that sort of witty repartee. In fact, the easy give and take between the two and the way in which they easily riffed off each other reminds me of the comedic tensions of a young Stiller & Meara, perhaps even an Abbott & Costello, but I will stop short of comparing them to the Sklar Brothers. Those guys are hi-larious. I’m sure Luke Scott would disagree on all counts, though. He’s such a contrarian, that guy.

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