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Booya! Cliff Lee Be Damned, The Yankees Signed Another Big Time Free Agent

Whaddya mean, define “big time free agent.” Oh, you nattering nabobs of negativity. When will you ever learn?

Anyhoo, um, take that, Red Sox! According to, the Yankees, still smarting from losing out on the “Let’s Overpay An Aging Pitcher Like Cliff Lee Because That Always Works Out Well Bonanza,” reportedly have signed Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Russell Martin to a contract. The Red Sox, who have completely outperformed their AL East rivals thus far in the free agency period, have to be feeling the sting of defeat and a little bit of comeuppance after the Yankees swooped in and wrestled Martin out of Boston’s hands as it was reported that the Red Sox had offered Martin an offer as well. Terms of the contract were not disclosed, but it is believed Martin was demanding a $5 million per year. And that’s, like, a ton of money. Sure, not Cliff Lee money, but let’s see if you can scratch together five million smackeroos for a once-promising but slightly fading prospect. What’s that? Why would you need to sign a major league baseball player to a contract when you don’t even own a major league baseball team? Good point, but calm down, I was speaking metaphorically. Or whatever the right word is for that.

Via ESPN New York:

Martin appeared to be a rising star in 2007, when he batted .293 with 19 homers and 87 RBIs. He won a Gold Glove, a Silver Slugger award and made the first of two consecutive All-Star appearances. But his production has dropped off the past two seasons.

Martin, who will turn 28 in Februrary, tore the labrum in his hip early in August and missed the rest of last season. He hit .248 in 97 games last season but had an on-base percentage of .347.

Martin is likely to assume starting catcher duties for the Yankees next season while Jorge Posada becomes the team’s full-time designated hitter.

Hooray the Yankees! Everybody was counting them out, but they’re back in business, baby! Look out!

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