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Yawn: Big Ten Unveils Underwhelming New Logo, Uninspiring Division Names

Seriously, that’s the new logo? After all the time, effort and presumed debate that went into it, this is the best the Big Ten could come up with? Somewhat disappointing, wouldn’t you agree?

But the big reveal of the new, underwhelming logo was only one of the big announcements that was made at noon eastern press conference aired on the Big Ten Network: conference commissioner Jim Delaney also announced the names of the two new divisions…and the two division names are:

(drum roll please)

“Legends” and “Leaders.” Ugh.

Via Chicago Breaking Sports:

Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska and Northwestern will compete in the Legends division.

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin will vie for the Leaders.

Um, yeah. Once again, Legends and Leaders were the best ideas out there? How about “Likely Bowl Championship Series Underperformer Division #1” and “Likely Bowl Championship Series Underperformer #2” instead? You know, for accuracy’s sake and more importantly, a nod to tradition. Probably a bit too wordy, huh?

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