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This Just In: MLB Players Make A Lot Of Money

I know! Crazy, right?

The reports are in, and the results indicate that being a player in Major League Baseball has its rewards, especially financial ones. For the first time ever, the average salary of an MLB ballplayer eclipsed the $3 million mark.

The 912 players in the big leagues before rosters expanded in September averaged $3,014,572, the Major League Baseball Players Association said Monday. The average rose 0.6 percent from last year’s $2,996,106, the smallest increase since a 2.5 percent drop in 2004.

The union’s opening-day average first reached $3 million in 2007, but the average drops during the season as veterans are released and replaced by younger players earning far less. The union’s average at the start of this season was $3,340,133.

Oh, I get it. So the average salary broke an arbitrary monetary barrier – $3 million – yet the increase was only 0.6 percent? That’s a load of bullcrap. How are we to expect these players to feed their families when their salaries aren’t even keeping up with an inflation? No, I cannot say with any confidence that my assertion regarding inflation is even remotely accurate – what do you think I am, an economist? – but I can say with complete certainty that Latrell Sprewell knows all to well what I’m talking about…the feeding the family part, of course, not the inflation thing. Obviously, Spree is not what you would refer to as a sound manager of money.

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