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Now, In Players Not Giving A Damn About Losing: Ochocinco Gets A Cinnamon Roll

After the miserable team that is the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Steelers 23-7 on Sunday, their 10th loss in row in yet another epic fail of a season (2-11), one would suspect that players on the squad would be down in the dumps a bit. Thankfully for one Bengals player, Chad Ochocinco, members of the team that just laid a whipping on Cincinnati were kind enough to do a little something for the egomaniacal wide receiver in an attempt to lift his spirits.

You see, some time after the game, Ochocinco ran into Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger and safety Ryan Clark and they tried successfully to sweeten Ochocinco’s mood by buying him a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll. You can tell by Ochocinco’s smile that the gesture was much appreciated. That’s nice and all, but if I were a Bengals fan, looking at this photo of Ochocinco mugging with opposing players so quickly after a disappointing loss might perturb me a little bit. Although this display of fraternizing between rivals has become so commonplace in this day and age perhaps Bengals fans shouldn’t give a damn about Ochocinco’s postgame actions nor the outcome of the game. It sure doesn’t look like it is affecting Ochocinco all that much.

You know, on second thought, he did tag this photo he uploaded to twitpic with this message:

Big Ben n Ryan Clark bought me a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll after the game, losing sucks 🙁

Well, pardon me. I guess I was wrong. Ochocinco truly does care that his team stinks and that losing sucks. You can tell by the sad face emoticon. If that doesn’t drive the point home about the devastation Ochocinco is currently feeling about his team’s failures, I don’t know what would.