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Lions WR Calvin Johnson On Team’s Epic Futility: ‘Losing Definintely Sucks’

Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face

Since Calvin Johnson joined the maligned Detroit Lions franchise after being drafted by the team in the 2007 draft, the team has gone a putrid 11-49, including 2-10 so far this season. And it appears all that losing is finally starting to take its toll on the talented wide receiver. So much so, in fact, that Johnson did not mince words during his weekly radio appearance Thursday on WXYT-FM (97.1). When asked if he was happy playing for the Lions and how that will play into whether or not he will elect to re-sign with the team when his rookie contract expires after next season, Johnson opened up and let it all hang out (via the Detroit Free Press):

“Put it like this, if we turn this thing into a winner, I’m happy,” Johnson said. “I’ve won 11 games since I’ve been here in four years. Losing definitely sucks, and you definitely don’t want to be around losing. You can’t get used to that. I can’t get used to it because I haven’t come from that. I’ve been used to winning. And if this thing can’t get turned around, man, like I said — I’m just going to leave it at I can’t get used to it. I want to win.”

Ouch. That cannot sound good to Lions fans at all…all 100 of them. Johnson is easily the most talented and productive offensive player on the Lions’ roster – in 57 games, he has 255 receptions and 33 touchdowns – and if he decides to bolt after next season, the progress, albeit limited (but hey, we’re talking about the Lions here – any upswing is good), the team has made over the past two seasons with Jim Schwartz as the head coach, along with the drafting of future All-Pro Ndamukong Suh this season, could be all for naught. Add to Johnson’s possible departure the fact that their supposed franchise quarterback can’t stop suffering shoulder injuries, and the Lions might be headed in the wrong direction once again. What’s worse, Matt Millen isn’t running the disaster up in Detroit any longer, which means there isn’t a bevy of first round wide receiver flameouts to take Johnson’s place. Wait. That might be a good thing.

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