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Leggo My Eggo: Disgruntled Maple Leafs Fan Throws Waffles On Ice After Game

With the Toronto Maple Leafs meandering through another miserable season (10-14-4, last place in the Northeast Division), the fans appear to be getting a bit surly. And what does a surly Canadian hockey fan do when they reach their wit’s end with the once proud but now beleaguered franchise after watching the current assembled squad half-ass its way to a 4-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night? Simple: throw waffles on the ice.

Wait. What?

Via the Toronto Sun:

When the final horn sounded at the conclusion of the game between the Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night at the Air Canada Centre, a pile of waffles was thrown on to the ice, with one of them hitting the stick of Leafs defenceman Francois Beauchemin.

“Who brings waffles to the game?” a bemused Chris Pronger, the Flyers defenceman, said afterward.

Beauchemin brushed off the breakfast food attack.

“I didn’t see what it was,” Beauchemin said. “Something came to my stick. The way we’re playing, it is frustrating for everybody.”

Hilarious. Since reading this story an hour or two ago, I have been trying to come up with an angle regarding Angry Waffle Chucker Guy. What was his motivation? Is there some kind of hidden message embedded in his rather unique choice of throwing the breakfast food staple? What kind of waffle was it? Eggo, Aunt Jemima’s or homemade? Belgian, buttermilk or original? Why not pancakes or french toast? Did he (or she) eat the sausages? So many questions. Although on a personal note, in light of this story, I now know what I’m having for lunch today: an omelette. What?

(Note: video quality isn’t the best. If a higher quality alternative emerges, I will replace this one)

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