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How Do You Spell ‘Busted’? Illiterate Ron Santo Mourner Arrested For Vandalism

With the entire city of Chicago mourning the sad passing of beloved Cubs icon Ron Santo with the wake yesterday and the funeral today, one mourner clearly believed the only way he could properly articulate his grief was to express it in words…with a Sharpie…on the Red Line’s Grand Avenue station stop…with an amusing sprinkling of misspelled words.

Ron Brakes, saying he was “trying to do a good thing,” was arrested and charged with criminal defacement of property and possession of a marker with intent to deface.” Weird. Before today, I have never heard of the heinous crime of possession of a marker with intent to deface. Learn something new every day, I guess.

From a report in the Chicago Sun-Times (via Big League Stew):

“Good! Buy! Ron Santo! Cubs Best Cub Thirt-Baseman Forever Love Always God,” Brakes, 48, scribbled on the platform wall, according to a police report.

Ha. There’s a whole bunch of wrong going on there. But I suppose we shouldn’t judge the man too harshly. He is imploring us to “Love Always God.” Either that or he was trying to pass the buck by signing his message as God but neglected to insert a comma between “Love Always” and “God.” He’s a crafty one, that Ron Brakes.

Ah, geez: Grieving Ron Santo fan arrested for vandalism [Big League Stew]