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Oh, Spare Me: Tennessee Basketball Player’s Eligibility Hinges On Passing Bowling Class

That's not a bowling ball!

After transferring from Marquette to Tennessee in December, 2009, forward Jeronne Maymon had to sit out one year before he was eligible to play for the Volunteers. With the year just about up, one thing is preventing Maymon from making his debut on Saturday against Pittsburgh:

A passing grade in a bowling class he took during fall semester, one of the five classes Maymon was enrolled in.

Unfortunately, his grade in the class PYED206 (Description: “Introduction to ball selection, approach, spot bowling, rules, scoring, etiquette, and basic terminology necessary for enjoyable recreational bowling.”), has not yet been posted.

Via The Dagger:

“All my grades are in; just need one to get posted on the main (web) site,” the 6-foot-7 Maymon told the News-Sentinel. “It’s exciting, but I’m also a little nervous about playing in the game.”

Oh man, I can only imagine what the final exam in a bowling class must be like. Hopefully, Maymon didn’t allow the tremendous pressure cloud his focus and make a horrible mistake by stepping over the line. Remember, this is bowling we’re talking about here. Unlike Nam, there are rules.

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