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Wake N’ Blog: I Guess That’s One Way To Get Students To Show Up For Class – Professor Strips In Front Of Students

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• Kennesaw State University in Georgia has class…with ass. How cool would it be to show up for a business class and have your professor perform a little strip tease? Talk about supply and demand! Wait, that makes no sense. Here’s the Yahoo! report: Campus police say a part-time instructor took his clothes off while teaching a class at the suburban Atlanta college late last month. Police arrested 57-year-old Raymond Devaughn Taylor of Kennesaw on Monday and charged him with public indecency after a student reported what happened to university officials.” Oh man, it was a dude? And an old, wrinkly one at that? Gross. What a complete and utter letdown. [Yahoo!]

• I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but a certain mascot who got arrested last weekend tops OTB’s Mascot Power Rankings. [Off the Bench]

• The wheels are coming off! Colts radio man rips Peyton Manning off-air. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Yeah, you could say the Red Sox’s outfield is a pretty expensive one now that Carl Crawford signed a ginormous contract with the team. [Rumors & Rants]

• Too much information: Pete Rose says that Joe DiMaggio had a big penis. [Ted Williams Head]

• Tim Tebow is a coach killer! [With Leather]

• Solid: some awesome LeBron/Wade photoshops. [TAUNTR]

• The Swedes apparently do not appreciate Sean Avery’s All-Star write-in campaign. [Puck Daddy]

• Fancy: Gilbert Arenas was rocking Dolce & Gabbana shoes in Los Angeles. [The Basketball Jones]

• There was a Randy from A Christmas Story sighting at Foxboro the other night. [The Sports Hernia Blog]

• It’s always “A Party In The U.S.A.” for Willis McGahee.” [Outside the Boxscore]

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