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Today In Ridiculous ‘Building Team Unity’ Bits (#2): Dolphins To Catch Broadway Show

We’ve already covered Rex Ryan’s questionable tactic of burying a game ball from the Jets-Patriots game to exorcise his team’s demons and to build team unity, now we have news that the Miami Dolphins are completely altering their travel schedule for their trip to the Big Apple to take on the Jets so the entire team can get into town early to catch Lombardi on Broadway, which interestingly is a play about legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi, not Johnny Lombardi – which I believe would have made for a much more compelling theater experience , but hey I’m not hotshot musical theater bigwig, so what do I know?

The field trip was planned by team owner Stephen Ross, who is orchestrating the little outing in an “attempt to inspire his team,” but one could argue that changing a regimented routine that players have become accustomed to could possibly backfire. Via The Miami Herald:

It isn’t often when an owner decides to toy with the routine of a team in the middle of a season — but Ross apparently has decided this experience will be worth the effort. Miami will practice at the Giants’ training facility Friday afternoon before the show.

Just don’t pin this decision on the team’s latest struggles. Ross began putting plans into motion for this to happen in early November, more than a month ago, a source said. Ross made the decision and coach Tony Sparano obliged to make it work.

Sparano said Wednesday this would be “no different” than any of the other times Miami has hit the road one day early, although all of those few instances have occurred when the team had to travel to play a West Coast team.

Unfortunately, this has all the makings of being completely different than any of the other times Miami has hit the road early. This time, the Dolphins are more like a bunch of high school students from upstate New York spending their first night in the Big City. Further, I question the choice of Lombardi as the show Ross selected for the team outing. I mean, it makes sense to certain extent given the football theme, but with the bevy of alternatives for shows they could have seen instead, Lombardi seems a bit shortsighted. Obviously, Ross didn’t see the preview of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark on Conan:

Yeah, to be perfectly honest, I really didn’t have a legitimate reason to embed that, other than it’s friggin’ hilarious. I can say with complete certainty that if I had the chance to see Conan’s version of the musical, I am sure I would love it, that it would be much better than Cats and I would want to see it again and again.

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