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Shut Your Yap: LeBron Takes To Twitter To Rip Trent Dilfer For Ripping Peyton Manning

Given that LeBron James can’t even go out to dinner in a restaurant in Miami without getting taunted, I guess that he has decided that even on road trips he should stay in his hotel room, order room service and watch SportsCenter, lest he be accosted by angry villagers armed with pitchforks and torches. At least that was the case last night as LeBron was taking it to the tweets to criticize Trent Dilfer for criticizing Peyton Manning. Evidently, in the fantasy world of King James, where the sky is always blue, gumdrops fall from the sky and the masses impulsively kowtow to his every whim, sports analysts shouldn’t be allowed to analyze the performances of the players they are paid to critique unless they were at least as successful in the given sport as the player being criticized. Oh, what a mystical, magical world that would be!

Over at Shutdown Corner, MJD, née the mighty mjd, has come up with a laundry list of reasons why LeBron is certifiably wrong in his critique of Dilfer (speaking of which, according to LeBron’s logic, shouldn’t he be precluded from criticizing an analysts work since he has never done analyst work before?), but I believe MJD’s final say on the issue sums it up nicely:

5. Trent Dilfer: one ring. Peyton Manning: one ring. LeBron James: zero rings.

Oh, snap!

LeBron James bashes Trent Dilfer on Twitter [Shutdown Corner]