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Gross: Surgeon Told Big Ben That His ‘Nose Bones Looked Like Corn Flakes’

"Big Ben Like Big Breathe Rights"

According to Ben Roethlisberger, the surgeon in charge of repairing his busted up nose informed him that the bones in his nose were so messed up they resembled Corn Flakes.

Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“It was just my nose,” Roethlisberger said. “[The surgeon] said he got in there and he said the nose bones looked like cornflakes. I was like, oh, that’s good. The plates and everything in my face were fine, so that’s good.”

Ewww, that’s nasty. But Corn Flakes? Are we talking Kellogg’s or some offshoot, substandard brand, like Post Toasties? Now that, my friend, would be nasty. Nope, it’s Kellogg’s all the way. You see, I go O.G. with my breakfast cereals. No Malt-o-Meal bullcrap, either. Screw Marshmallow Mateys and Cinnamon Toasters, good sir. It’s all about the Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for this hombre. Man, I’m hungry.

My hankering for cold cereal goodness aside, poor, poor Big Ben. The guy gets his nose totally wrecked and the damn surgeon compares the damage to Corn Flakes? If I were to guess, it would of boosted Big Ben’s spirits if the surgeon would have at least compared the extent of his injuries to a melted, smooshed Choco Taco.

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