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Gotta Support The Team: Oregon Fan Delays Heart Surgery For BCS Championship Game

Pictured above is one Ron Pettichord. A 69-year0ld retired mail carrier, Pettichord was presented quite the conundrum recently when he discovered that the BCS National Championship Game, pitting the Oregon Ducks against the Auburn Tigers, was to be played on January 10th. As luck would have it, Pettichord had previously scheduled his open heart surgery to repair an enlarged aorta for that very same day, so he did what any sensible fan would do when faced with such a dilemma: he postponed his incredibly necessary heart surgery. And get this: he’s not even that big of an Oregon fan.

Via The Oregonian:

“I’m not a die-hard Duck, believe it or not,” said Pettichord, 69. “I grew up remembering (Oregon State’s) Tommy Prothro and Joe Francis and the single-wing. I like both teams. Whoever’s winning, I like.”

So, what we have here is a surgery-avoiding, Oregon-loving, bandwagon jumper. Now, I’ve run into a few of these kind of folks in the past, and let me tell you: they cannot be trusted.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a fan has put his favorite team before personal health and well-being. You may recall the Michigan State fan who delayed a implantation of a new pacemaker just so he could watch his beloved Spartans take on the Michigan Wolverines last October. People are crazy. In fact, this is about as kooky as this guy I know that, in 1998, postponed his vasectomy until after the Minnesota Vikings inevitably won the Super Bowl. Yeah, he’s got 6 kids now. What an ignorant bastard.

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