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What? A 100-Foot Quadruple Backflip Off A Rope Swing Into Lake Tahoe Is Quite Sane

Why yes, performing such a dangerous act is a completely sane thing to do. Why do you ask? Oh, because you value your life? I see.

What he lacks in common sense, 24-year-old daredevil Mike Wilson more than makes up for in the ballsy, completely insane way he goes about doing his radical stunts.

Wilson has created a site to showcase his bats**t craziness,, and his latest trick is an absolute sight to behold: narrowly navigating his way through an outcropping of rocks high above Lake Tahoe, Wilson swings out a ways, lets go of the rope and calmly orchestrates a quadruple backflip before plunging into the crystal blue water. I’m telling you, that’s the gnarliest thing I’ve seen done above the waters of Lake Tahoe since Al Neri shot Fredo. Speaking of which, I hope Wilson does a few “Hail Marys” himself before attempting some of these borderline psychopathic stunts he performs.

Wilson’s motivation for performing such death-defying feats of looniness? He doesn’t want to end up like his decrepit 92-year-old grandfather. In fact, he’d apparently rather have birds picking his brain matter off the rocks he barely avoids during his rope jump than be like Grandpa.

Via Game On!:

“I have a 92-year-old grandfather who is deaf and can’t speak and is basically trapped in his own body. I’m way more comfortable with the thought of dying at 24 or 25 doing something rad, than being trapped in my own body, because that seems like hell to me.”

I’m sure it does seem like hell to a guy like Wilson. Not me. I’d rather be sitting there at 92 complaining about all the young whippersnappers and their crazy shenanigans, consarnit. As it is often said, youth is wasted on the young. Except for Wilson, of course, this guy is all about rippin’ style, holmes and we’re lucky he’s out there, risking his life for our amusement.

Action sports video: Mike Wilson’s Lake Tahoe rope swing [Game On!]