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Tapped Out: MMA Fighter’s Attempted Backflip Off Top Of Cage Doesn’t Go Well

Yeah, this unidentified MMA fighter’s half-assed attempt at a celebratory backflip clearly did not go as planned, unless part of his plan was to look like an uncoordinated idiot. You see, the key to a backflip is to actually rotate approximately 360 degrees while in the air and to land on one’s feet, not right on one’s back in a clumsily hilarious splash. I especially enjoy how this guy, whose entire career is comprised of trading fierce blows, choke holds and whatnot while competing appears completely incapacitated by a six-foot fall.

Epic fail, indeed. Perhaps if he had spent more time contemplating his backflip things might have turned out better for this dolt. How much time does he spend preparing for his gymnastic expression of joy? What was it, about half a second? One mustn’t rush these kinds of things. Sorry, but MMA fighter guy’s backflip fail effort goes about as bad as the one famously attempted by one Afro Ninja. And that ain’t good.

[H/T Fail Blog]