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Sportress Of Blogitude’s Wild Kingdom: Sorry Charlie, That’s One Ginormous Tuna!

Get it? As in Charlie the Tuna, the mascot for StarKist? Funny, right? Okay, maybe not right now, but later you’ll be chuckling at it or using it as a pickup line one a lady at the bar. Actually, if I could offer you one piece of advice: don’t make tuna jokes around ladies you don’t know. Actually, don’t ever make a tuna crack around any woman. It’s a taste issue.

Anyway, above is a photo of one proud angler: Californian Mike Livingston, who caught this whopping 405.2 pound tuna last Tuesday off the Baja coast during a fishing trip in Mexico. His catch shattered the previous record of 388 pounds, 12 ounces, and that record has stood since 1977.

Livingston is an accomplished angler in his own right, but never has he dreamed he would ever catch a behemoth like the ginormous bastard above (via The Mail):

Mr Livingston’s previous big catch was a 100-pound yellow-fin, and although he hoped to catch a fish over 200-pounds, he never thought in his wildest dreams he would make a catch so huge.

‘I listened to the crew and took instructions. Someone asked me if it felt like two and a half hours, and I said it really didn’t it felt like 45 minutes really.

‘I just leaned back in that harness and took what the fish gave me. I didn’t even break out into a sweat. I didn’t have to put the reel into second gear until the last 45 minutes of the fight’.

Mr Livingston’s tuna is not only the biggest ever landed by an angler, but it also is the largest ever caught without any back-up reels or assistance from the crew.

Amazing. But here’s the question: can you imagine how many tuna cans it would take to properly store this bad boy? I’d be in tuna fish sandwich heaven, I’ll tell you that much.

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