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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• Pray for it all you want, America, Ron Artest is not going to President. [The Basketball Jones]

• Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher is going to get hitched, possibly Scientology-style, on Saturday… [Bob’s Blitz]

• …and this blogger is going to crash the nuptials! [Walkoff Walk]

• Who knew that not only did the British play hockey, but they have epic brawls during games as well? [Puck Daddy]

• Here are some awesome minimalist logos for college bowl games. [TAUNTR]

• This week in chicks who bang athletes… [With Leather]

• So, what’s the real reason Urban Meyer stepped down? Health issues, family or the Broncos vacant coaching seat? [Larry Brown Sports]

• Be sure you are keeping up to date on the Kirk Herbstreit Making Oregon Cheerleaders Smile Photobomb investigation. [Busted Coverage]

• Noted sports journalism curmudgeon Frank Deford thinks baseball players should shake hands. Also, rock music is too noisy these days.

• Is Tony Dungy going to portray Spock’s creepy uncle in the next Star Trek movie? Well, he should. [The Sports Hernia Blog]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: Peyton Manning Finds Weird Game Film Where Two Detectives Try To Solve A Murder

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