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Hoo Boy: The Cover Of Johnny Weir’s Book Won’t Quell Those Pesky Rumors About Him

Um, yeah. An interesting interview with the flamboyant (you have to use the word “flamboyant” at least once when writing about Johnny Weir – it’s the rules) Johnny Weir in the Detroit Free Press points out that despite the Winter Olympics lull the world is currently in, the figure skater has had no problem staying in the spotlight. With his appearance as a celebrity judge on Skating with the Stars, his reality show, Be Good Johnny Weir and a new book set for release in January, Weir not only draws attention, but seems to relish in it, as evidenced by the provocative cover of  Welcome To My World, pictured above.

And regarding those pesky rumors I referenced, obviously about his sexuality? Well, you will have to read the book, as it has been reported by numerous outlets that Weir will finally address the “Is he or isn’t he?” rumors once and for all, but the book’s tone will apparently be more “anecdotal than autobiographical,” but according to its description, fans will finally “have the opportunity to get to know who Johnny Weir really is, inside and out.” Uh-huh.

Weir on the interesting choices made for the book jacket (via the Free Press):

“Sitting on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, you want a cover that pops out at people,” he said. “It’s bright pink. There’s a disco ball. I’m in heels. I’m in a skintight furry costume. It’s very fun. But my story is very pure, and a lot of people don’t see me in that light. They think I’m a crazy diva person, and I wanted to give them all the misconceptions they have about me on the cover. But the story inside is from the heart — it’s everything I believe in. I wanted almost that situation of where people judge a book by the cover, and then read it, and have a completely different feeling about me.”

Ha. Judge a book by the cover. It’s funny because he’s actually talking about a book and judging it by its cover. But wow, that cover. It certainly is…something. And why not? Let the naysayers “nay” and those who are prone to prejudging, um, prejudge. As far as who he is and what he stands for, “take it or leave it” appears to be Weir’s mantra and I say good for him.  Johnny Weir, just like any other person, should be allowed to put whatever the hell he wants on the cover of his own damn book. In fact, I heard the cover of George W. Bush’s recent book was likely headed in this very direction as well until the publisher caught wind of Weir’s and wisely chose against it, lest they appear to be copycats. But that sure would have been something, huh?

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