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Devon James: Tiger Woods Paid Her Not To Release Sex Tape

Radar Online is reporting that Nick Janette, the husband of washed-up porn star and alleged Tiger Woods hoochie mama Devon James, has told the site that orders for the supposed sex tape featuring his wife and the world’s horniest golfer were never shipped due to ongoing settlement negotiations between Woods’ camp and James, which he insists have now reached a mutually-satisfying resolution.

“Our settlement is done so we’re not releasing a tape,” Nick told He claimed that the couple would have the settlement money by the end of the week.

Right. Radar Online has more juicy details, but the essential point is this: James, whose own mother once referred to her daughter as a pathological liar, cannot be trusted, which is kind of shocking, you know, because used-up porn stars are usually as reliable as an STD home testing kit. I guess what I’m getting at is if you ever made the mistake of nailing Devon James, she probably gave you crabs, the Herp or something worse, no matter what she or the Chlamydia test kit you bought online from Adam & Eve is telling you. Because she’s a liar. And a skank. And the Chlamydia Catcher testing kit, if there were such a thing, would probably be endorsed by Devon James. Yep, there’s a whole lot going on in these last few sentences. Try and keep up.

EXCLUSIVE: Porn Star Claims Tiger Woods Paid Her Off, Pulls Sex Tape Off Market [Radar Online]