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Break(ing) Point: Pete Sampras Had A Bunch Of Tennis Trophies And Memorabilia Stolen

Saying the burglary of a majority of his trophies and other assorted memorabilia from a public storage facility in West Los Angeles three weeks ago was like “having the history of my tennis life taken away,” Pete Sampras is now attempting to get the word out regarding the brazen theft in hopes that he will be able to recover some of the stolen items. Sampras is especially downtrodden regarding the thievery as he hoped to one day show the trophies and associated items to his children.

Among the other items stolen from the storage facility unrelated to Sampras’ tennis career was one unopened ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer, but really, that item should have been at his home, and being used frequently.

Via Sign On San Diego:

The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that Sampras still has 13 of his 14 grand slam trophies.

But thieves took most of the hardware from his 64 tour title wins, two Davis Cups, an Olympic ring and six trophies for finishing world No. 1 in the year-end rankings from 1993 to 1998.

Well, I hope Sampras is able to recoup some of the stolen goods. I can’t imagine there is much of a market for tennis trophies, especially hot ones, but who knows? Maybe there is some weirdo who would pay top dollar for a trophy he didn’t win. In any event, Sampras can take solace that he his legacy remains in tact, not to mention that he has his health, his two wonderful kids and a marriage to the lovely Bridgette Wilson, who you may recall from her role in Billy Madison, is one piece of ace. I know from experience, dude, if you know what I mean.

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