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Life’s A Pitch: Shin Bones Are Not Supposed To Get All Flimsy And Floppy Like That

Holy schnikies! That ain’t pretty.

From vlogger FratriaUA:

Those of a squeamish disposition need to look away now.
Monday night in Germany saw Bochum win 1-nil at Union Berlin in the second tier. But the victory was scarred by a horrific leg break to the visitors’ Matias Concha, who had his leg snapped by Macchambes Younga-Mouhani in a shocking incident.

Ouch, dude. Do you see how his lower leg gets all limp like an overcooked linguine noodle? I guess that’s what Concha gets for trying to get a “leg up” on the competition with an ill-timed, overly-aggressive slide tackle. To reference The Shins – and fittingly, I might add – I bet Concha would have preferred that his lower right leg was only a “Phantom Limb” when the flimsy-floppiness occurred. Wincing The Night Away, indeed.