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This Sidney Crosby Upper Deck Holiday Card From 2005 Is Pretty Hilarious

Hey, Sid:  killer reindeer jersey, ya petulant little fancy boy.

By way of Puck Daddy comes this certifiably awkward yet absolutely delightful holiday-themed card which was issued by Upper Deck way back in 2005 after the trading card company signed  Crosby to an exclusive NHL card deal. As you can see, Crosby was apparently a member of the champion Dashers of the North Pole League, an astounding feat considering that it appears Crosby’s teammates were a bunch of elves with mutant heads.

Come to think of it, perhaps Upper Deck was on to something with this North Pole League idea. Just think of it: a professional hockey league headed by someone other than Gary Bettman. Now that would be something. Sure, it’s a pipe dream, but it sure is a comforting thought during this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Sidney Crosby, creepy Upper Deck elves [Puck Daddy]