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Senior Moments: Drunken Grandma Dances Provocatively At USC-UCLA Tailgate

Oh my. Septuagenarian? More like sextuagenarian, amirite? All I know it that it’s astounding that she can shake that ass like that and not blow out her hip. And to think, this loosey-goosey, bumping and grinding granny is some kid’s Nana. Make that an emotionally scarred kid if he ever were to see this video.

Although I have to give sexy credit where sexy credit is due: the old gal has got some killer moves. She can without a doubt shake…her…rump-ah. Word on the street is she landed the role of Nomi Malone in her retirement community’s stage adaptation of Showgirls.

I give it even odds that some drunk USC fan had the night of his life and tapped that ass after the game on Saturday. The best part for that lucky guy? Her dentures were soaking in some Polident the entire duration of the erotically charged evening. Kinky. But this wasn’t granny’s first orgiastic college football rodeo. Rumor has it that Joe Paterno totally wrecked that s**t in way back in 1952.

[H/T Guyism (via Off the Bench)]