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Awkward: Lions QB Drew Stanton ‘Dances’ After Scoring Touchdown

Hoo boy, that ain’t right. About midway through the first quarter of Detroit’s eventual 24-20 loss to the Chicago Bears, Lions quarterback Drew Stanton scampered into the end zone for a 3-yard touchdown run which gave the Motor City Kitties an early 7-0 lead. An exciting moment for the beleaguered Lions to be sure, but the awkwardness which occurred immediately after Stanton’s touchdown run certainly left something to be desired.

Stanton, likely reasoning that he will have few opportunities to celebrate after rushing for a touchdown, seized the opportunity and busted out a little dance move which solidly confirmed his Awkward White Guy Dancing credentials. I mean, what in the hell was that? Even FOX’s Michael Strahan was left confused regarding exactly what transpired. Via the Detroit Free Press:

“That was the Craigie or something, it didn’t look right,” Strahan said. “It wasn’t the Dougie.”

Actually, it was supposed to be the Dougie, and Stanton reportedly received some pregame coaching from receiver Nate Burleson. And at least the 2-10 Lions had something to dance about in the loss to Chicago.

But it begs the question …

“What’s the Dougie?” asked Jimmy Johnson, the elderly gray-haired gentleman seated next to Strahan.

So Strahan gave a (seated) demonstration, a little swaying back and forth, a little smoothing of the hair, a little swiveling in his chair.

Oh, don’t play dumb with us, Jimmy Johnson. You know damn well what the Dougie is and I am sure he breaks it out every once in awhile in order to charm the granny panties off the elderly ladies he clearly finds irresistible. And when Jimmy Johnson combines the Dougie with some ExtenZe boner pills, no senior citizen woman is safe.

Video: Drew Stanton busts a move after TD [Detroit Free Press]