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Wait, Michael Vick Is Vital To Eagles’ Playoff Hopes? Thank God For This Headline

DERP! Who the what? Vick is important to the Eagles’ playoff hopes? Am I reading this right? Could this be true? Additional irrelevant question?

By no means am I disparaging the talent and brilliant work of Don Banks here. In fact, I have been a fan of Banks all the way back to when he was a beat writer here in the Twin Cities for the Star Tribune and before that, the Pioneer Press. I am simply pointing out that this is incredibly lazy headline writing, and I expect more from the editors and/or headline writers at Sports Illustrated. I suppose all these headline writers at SI do now is count the days until they can ogle pictures from Swimsuit Issue photo shoots while coming up with headlines containing subtle, thinly-veiled sexual innuendo. For example, “Brooklyn Decker: Sticky Temperatures, Sticky Pages” or “Bar Refaeli is Bonerrific!”

Huh. You know, the above examples are neither subtle nor thinly-veiled. I guess I should reconsider my stance on the unquestionable talents of SI headline writers and show them a little more respect. Apparently, headline writing is hard.

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