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It’s Funny Because They Look Fat: Bored Ian Poultier Amuses Himself With Fatbooth App

Hey! What in tarnation is going on here? Those people aren’t really that fat! Well, except for Colin Montgomerie (middle right)  – he might actually look better.

Of course, I actually do know what is going on here because I read the post on Devil Ball Golf about how Ian Poultier used the Fatbooth app to amuse himself by turning his professional golf colleagues into fatty fatty boombalatties. He even threw a Fat LeBron in there to show he’s hip to the American sports scene. To his credit, Poultier even Fatbooothed himself (center square), which, back in the day, meant something entirely different, at least in my neck of the woods. We don’t need to delve into specifics here, but fatboothing used to mean getting it on with a chubby chick under a table at Denny’s after bar close. Okay, I completely made that up, but that doesn’t mean the act isn’t regularly practiced.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]