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What, No Matt Damon Or Ben Affleck? Donnie Wahlberg To Narrate Celtics Doc

Noted Celtics superfan, Boston native and former member of New Kinds on the Block Donnie Wahlberg (pictured above with some random middle-aged lesbian Lakers fan) is set to narrate a five-part documentary-style series about the Boston Celtics which will air on ESPN for its NBA-themed The Association series. While Donnie is one of the more outspoken and passionate celebrity Celtics backers, it is interesting the tWWL didn’t seek out Damon or Affleck for this gig. Oh well, they must have been parking their car in Harvard Yard or something (note: I always felt Paul Baldwin was a far more entertaining host for Coffee Talk – maybe two of you got that reference).

Moreover, why did ESPN elect to go with the lesser Wahlberg brother when I’m sure Mark would have been happy to narrate the documentary? On the other hand, perhaps they were concerned that had Mark done it, The Association: Boston Celtics would have gone something like this:

Yeah, that’s right: two Saturday Night Live references in the same post. You got a problem with that or something? I didn’t think so. Say hi to your mother for me.

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