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Wake N’ Blog: Man Gets Out Of DUI With ‘I Drank To Keep Warm’ Defense

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• While it sounds like a ridiculously idiotic legal defense, in the unique situation Thomas Drummond of Jackson, Missouri found himself in, it makes perfect sense. Drummond lost control of his car on an icy stretch of road and ended up stuck in a culvert. While waiting two hours for rescue personnel to arrive on the scene, Drummond, who insists he was not drinking prior to the accident, consumed alcohol in order to stay warm, and the jury who acquitted him last week agreed with his reasoning. [MSNBC/AP]

• Did Stuart Scott drop an accidental F-bomb on the air Monday night? [Larry Brown Sports]

Mike Tyson’s Hangover would be an awesome video game. [Out of Bounds]

• Let’s all pay tribute to the obvious brilliance of Troy Tulowitzki’s agent, who landed his client a $157 million deal. [Rumors & Rants]

• Microsoft Kinect racing doesn’t look very hard to play, given you don’t have to move at all to win. [With Leather]

• That Florida State chick who fell of the truck while that other chick was doing a beer bong in that video which has been all over the internet? These guys got a photo of her doing the old  “hand bra” routine. [Busted Coverage]

• Ladies and gentlemen, the Official LeBron James Chant Sheet for his return to Cleveland on Thursday. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Rashad McCants will be donating his entire D-League salary to charity. [Ball Don’t Lie]

• A word to the wise: don’t talk trash at an Oakland Raiders game. Just ask this Dolphins fan…once he gets out of the hospital. [Awful Announcing]

• The Top 10 reasons Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan didn’t get suspended for their mini-brawl. [Five Tool Tool]

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