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This Just In: Dames Can Hit Half-Court Buzzer Beaters Too

Yeah, you read that right:  chicks are draining game-winning buzzer beaters now. Here we have Roseville (MN) sophomore Jacqlyn Poss draining a half-court shot to beat Totino Grace 58-57.

But even better than that? The announcer. Who knew Kermit the Frog was involved in sports broadcasting? And so easily excitable to boot. I swear to God, I’m pretty sure the sound of Kermit shrieking when that gal made the basket completely shredded the tweeters on both of my computer speakers.

At any rate, who knew skirts had it in them? Unbelievable. I suppose this revelation should inspire all of us to tell every babe, bimbo, dish, doll, doxy, lassie, miss, moll, skirt, sweet thing and tootsie that we know to shoot for the stars.

So, uh, any of these old-timey alternatives to the word “girl” doing anything for you? No? Well, for your information, Kermit thought the bit was the bee’s knees.

Roseville defeats Totino-Grace on mid-court shot (with video) [Minnesota Girls Basketball Hub (via RandBall)]