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Sportress of Blogitude’s Wild Kingdom: Chai, The Pachydermus Predictagameus

Thank goodness!  How would I have been able to choose the winer between the University of Washington or Washington State University in their annual matchup, cutely referred to as the Apple Cup, if it wasn’t for Chai, the prognosticating pachyderm!

Via the Ballard News Tribune:

On Thursday, Dec 2nd, Female Asian elephant Chai will predict the the winner of the 2010 Apple Cup.

Crimson and gray or purple and gold don’t matter much to the elephants at Woodland Park Zoo, but apples do. Chai will choose a heap of apples from either one of two boxes decked out in Dawgs and Cougs gift wrap. The first apple the 31-year-old elephant takes a bite from marks her pick for the winner of the Apple Cup.

The pachyderm prediction is a part of the zoo’s special Apple Cup admission discount. Now through Dec. 5, Huskies and Cougar fans get half off zoo admission if they’re sporting any gear from the University of Washington or Washington State University, such as a jersey, sweatshirt, hat or gloves, or by showing a valid student ID from either university.

The event takes place on Thursday, Dec. 2 at 2:00 p.m.

Well, how do you like that? The psychic, game-predicting animal fad has spiraled completely out of control. Thankfully, Paul the Octopus Oracle isn’t around to see this, although he’s probably rolling over in his grave as we speak. Or parts of him are getting tossed around in a heavily-buttered Sauté pan. What? Do you have any idea how much cash that German aquarium is raking in selling individual servings of that poor creature? Pan-Browned Buttered Cephalopod Clairvoyant is a delicacy to those Eurotrash bastards.

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