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Sans Comical: Sorry LeBron, Dan Gilbert Is Just Not That Into You Anymore

If you are naive enough to believe Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s recent statements that he is completely over LeBron for one second, you must be pretty damn gullible. Let us hope the dear readers of the Sportress are more savvy than that.

As the city of Cleveland prepares for the not quite triumphant return of the Prodigal Son in Sheep’s Clothing (mixing Biblical metaphors here, bear with me), Gilbert would just like everyone to know that despite some angry missives more befitting a scorned middle school girl on the eve of the Spring Dance than a multimillionaire owner of a professional sports team – in Comic Sans font, no less – he has gotten passed the entire mess and would instead like to look to the future instead of lamenting what happened in the past.

Here’s among the things Gilbert had to say during halftime of the Cavs’ game against the Celtics on Tuesday in anticipation of Thursday’s Heat game (from NBC Sports, via Pro Basketball Talk):

“I’m over it. I really am. That’s the truth,” he said. “I let it all out in about 24 hours. I just think we have such a great core and a great coaching staff. We have a lot of opportunities with the trade exception and the draft. I feel good about this team.”

He’s so over it. Right. There is no chance in hell that’s the case. Someday, perhaps, it might happen. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

You’re not fooling anyone, Gilbert. Get back to the Comic Sans and begin amusing us again, you spurned, sorry sap.

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