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Is Reggie Miller The Emperor? TNT Analyst Suggests LeBron Should ‘Embrace’ The Hate

It's times like these I wish I knew how to use Photoshop

Current TNT analyst Reggie Miller knows all about going into enemy territory and being treated like a villain, so it is perfectly reasonable for the former Pacers star/Knicks heartbreaker to offer up advice concerning how LeBron should channel the boos he is bound to hear in Quicken Loans Arena when he returns to his old stomping grounds Thursday night and transform that hatred and vitriol into motivation. In fact, Miller suggests James should “Embrace it.”

Via USA Today:

Miller says he took a “gladiator-type approach” and figured if “20,000 fans are booing and chanting your name, (your teammates) could concentrate because there wasn’t any pressure on them.” And, remember, you can’t have heroes without villains: “It’s nice to be adored and patted on the back. But not everyone can wear the white hat. … Now, (James) is going to be the guy in the black hat. And it’s OK.”

I can see Miller tutoring James before the game, dressed in a dark robe and spewing evil in a maniacal cackle: “Yes, yes, LeBron. Good, good. I can feel your anger. Take the ball. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.”

Ha. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi references. I’m firing on all cylinders today, folks. Next up: a Dumb & Dumber montage featuring Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan. You have been warned.

(note: I am aware that this is my third LeBron-related post today, but the impending LeBronapocalypse is nearly impossible to resist)

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