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Wait, What? Tiger Woods Is The Coverboy For ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Perfection’ Issue

At first, I was like, “What the fungus?” and then I saw the cover and then I said, “Oh, I get it – not in reference to the state of perfection in a current sense, but instead the pursuit of perfection,” and then I wondered aloud why I was talking to myself out loud which in a way was kind of weird in and of itself. Huh.

Via ESPN Media Zone:

ESPN The Magazine (available Friday, Dec. 5) will focus on the concept of “Perfection” – with pro golfer Tiger Woods on the cover. Woods, who sat for the cover and inside shots, is a part of a photo combo that includes Kobe Bryant and Jimmie Johnson — “Meditations on Perfection.”  “We’re inherently flawed, so how can there be perfection?” said Woods.

Far out, dude. How very Buddhist-like. Anyhoo, ESPN The Magazine couldn’t have picked a better athlete to represent the unending pursuit of perfection than one Tiger Woods. At one point, long before his life went all to hell, one could have argued that Woods had practically arrived at the precipice of near perfection in his sport – and some may say in his private life as well – only to piss it all away as a result of his narcissism, unchecked hunger for self-indulgence and uncontrollable horndoggery. But hey, The Great Tiger Woods Brand Resurrection Hype Machine is in full swing, as evidenced by not only this cover story but his gradual granting of unprecedented accessibility in other areas as well (e.g. Twitter), so we should all expect Tiger to continue to hone his craft not only on the golf course, but his public persona as well. Although I wouldn’t count on him landing the cover of Modern Husband magazine anytime soon, because, well, there is no such periodical, among other reasons.

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