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Samuel L. Jackson In Georgia’s Dawg Walk? Samuel L. Jackson In Georgia’s Dawg Walk

(insert obligatory Snakes on a Plane/Mace Windu/Pulp Fiction reference here, I’m too lazy)

Via Dr. Saturday comes this video of thespian extraordinaire Samuel L. Jackson participating in the University of Georgia Bulldogs’ “Dawg Walk,” which according to Wikipedia (which is never wrong, by the way), was a long-running pregame tradition “revived in the 2001 season that features the football players walking through a gathering of fans on the way to Sanford Stadium.”

Interesting indeed, but why would the great Samuel L. Jackson take part in the Athens tradition? According to his bio, Jackson attended Morehouse University, located in nearby Atlanta. So what gives? Thankfully, Joaj34, a Yahoo! sports blog commenter (who, incidentally, are never wrong either) might have possibly shed some light on the topic:

He went to college in ATL, used to vend at the GA Dome, recorded a Falcons commercial, and his sister’s a UGA Law School alum – so he’s become somewhat of a fan over the years. I guess he’s just getting involved.

Cool cool, but why does he seem so bored, you ask? The answer to that query is simple, my friends:


Video: Samuel L. Jackson does the Dawg Walk, for some reason [Dr. Saturday]