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Montreal Car Thieves Can Be Despicable Bastards

A mere hours after the funeral during which Line Burns (above, holding the remains) mourned the death of her husband, legendary coach Pat Burns, who died November 19th after a lengthy battle with cancer, she awoke Tuesday morning to find that her car had been broken into overnight and several irreplaceable pieces of memorabilia, keepsakes and miscellaneous family keepsakes were stolen.

Via the Toronto Star:

About 30 autographed hockey sweaters from Burns’ personal collection and numerous family valuables were taken in the robbery, which was discovered by Burns’ wife Line on Tuesday morning.

“They went through his stuff,” said Const. Anie Lemieux of the Montreal police, noting Burns’ wallet was in the car.

“The person who left with the shirts and everything knows that this is Pat Burns’ stuff.”

Burns’ cousin Robin, who delivered a eulogy at Monday’s funeral, called the crime “deplorable.”

While Canada doesn’t have the death penalty – the last execution in the country was December 11, 1962 – given the tremendous love and admiration the nation’s citizens had for the great man and coach, I wouldn’t be surprised if Canada temporarily reinstated that particular method of justice, simply so they could mete out what they probably believe would be the appropriate punishment for these miserable bastards.

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