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This Fanhouse Headline Is Likely To Send Mets Fans Into Convulsions

GAH! I am willing to bet that Mets fans the world over are saying, “Thanks, but no thanks” to the idea that Steve Phillips has any suggestions regarding fixing their woeful baseball team, given how unsuccessful he was when he actually ran the club.

I only wonder, prior to the making of this video, if Phillips conducted an interview with himself to make sure it wouldn’t turn out to be as an epic of a failure as his tenure was with the Mets. At the same time, how would interviewing himself change anything? Maybe a mock press conference where Phillips pretends to be a capable, insightful MLB analyst would have served him much better. But it’s all for naught at this point, my friends. The only thing left to do is watch the damn video and enjoy the schadenfreude. Well, except for Mets fans. They’re probably foaming at the mouth right about now at the mere thought of watching this thing. You would think they would have gotten used to the rage by now. You know, about being Mets fans.

Steve Phillips’ Fix My Team: Mets [Fanhouse]