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Sportress of Blogitude’s Wild Kingdom: Ginormous Fish, Just For The Halibut

Holy mackerel, would you get a look at the size of that fish? Quite impressive. And I have to say, my “just for the halibut” line is pretty impressive as well, but just so you know, I’m not angling for compliments, if you catch my drift.

Via The Mail:

A 70-year-old angler will have no need to visit his local chippie for the foreseeable future – after reeling in a record-breaking halibut that weighed more than 34 stone.

Gunther Hansel spent more than two hours battling with the 8ft 2in flatfish while on a trip to Iceland’s Western Fjords.

And when he finally got his prize alonhgside his fishing boat, the German pensioner needed the help of five crewmates to haul the beast aboard.

The monster fish weighed in at a mighty 482lbs 13ozs – big enough to serve up almost 1,000 individual fillets.

Impressive feat, especially for a 70-year-old man. So much so, in fact, I am floundering to come up with a worthy complimentary statement. What? Hey, you can carp on the bit all you want, but coming up with these fish puns ain’t easy. Further, I know for a fact there are lots of folks out there who come from the same school of thought as I do regarding well-crafted puns who will find it nearly impossible not to take the bait and want to play along, in a manner of speaking.

The feeding of the 5,000? Not quite, but pensioner lands record-breaking halibut that’s big enough to provide almost 1,000 fish suppers [The Mail]