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Rex Ryan Compares Himself To Tom Brady, Says Both Are ‘Married To A Supermodel’

Jets coach Rex Ryan was back to his usual, jovial, self-deprecating self in front of the media earlier Monday when he pointed out the many similarities between himself and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, in particular the fact that they are both married to supermodels: he to the NFLShop model pictured above, Michelle, and of course, Brady to Gisele.

Via an AP report/USA Today:

“I never realized how similar that I am to Tom Brady,” Ryan said Monday. “I mean, the obvious physical appearance would be the first thing. The fact that he’s married to a supermodel? Hello?”

A smiling Ryan then held up a copy of the December issue of InStyle magazine, which includes an advertisement for women’s apparel at featuring his wife, Michelle.

“Yeah,” Ryan said, grinning. “I’m also married to a supermodel.”

“I just happened to turn the page of InStyle magazine, page 329,” Ryan said, showing off the picture of his wife. “I just realized that we are very similar in that way.”

You gotta love Rex Ryan and his unique sense of frivolity in the ultra-serious world of NFL coaching, although if he truly believes he resembles Tom Brady, he may want to invest in a mirror not purchased at a carnival: the Jets head coach is much better looking. And I have to say, Michelle ain’t a bad looking lady. Old Rexy definitely outkicked his coverage with that lovely lady.

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