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Photo Of Sad Colts Fans Will Make You Laugh Until You’re Blue In The Face

Or, alternatively, until you’re  super white in the face with dyed-blue hair and goatee. Either way, schadenfreude has never taken on such a blue hue before this snapshot of Face-Painting Colts Superfans was taken.

Boy, do these guys appear sad, dejected and disappointed. Not that I can blame them. Personally witnessing the end of an era can be heart-wrenching experience. Where is their Peyton God now? They should repent! The Floating Kingdom of Marmalard is close at hand.

But that’s a discussion for another time. We should be focusing all our attention on these suffering Colts fans. And the worst part? They had to drive to their homes, likely somewhere in Indiana, looking like this – but I suppose that’s the trials and tribulations that go along with being a face painter. You never know if you’ll look like a loser or an ever bigger loser.

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