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Guatemalan Soccer Player Dismembered, Remains Found Stuffed In Plastic Bags

Thought I would start off my return after a long and relaxing holiday weekend with this cheery little story about Carlos Mercedes Vasquez, whose untimely demise is something straight out of some gory horror movie. Vasquez’s dismembered body was not only found chopped up but was also placed in five plastic bags in the rural area of Malcatan, Guatemala.

Vasquez, a 27-year-old professional soccer player who last played for Malacateco in Guatemala’s first-division soccer league, was allegedly kidnapped on Saturday. According to National Civil Police spokesman Donald Gonzalez, a message found along with his grisly remains indicated that he was brutally hacked up for “messing with other women.”

And here I thought this story was going to be about him scoring an own goal or blowing it in a big match. All we can speculate to at this time is Vasquez was obviously fooling around with the wrong guy’s girl. That or this is one extremely gruesome, blood-spattered, hunks-of-body-parts-stuffed-in-Hefty-bags case of mistaken identity.

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