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Gregg Popovich: Terminator Coach Guy (Photo)

What a weird effect, eh? I was actually taking a photo of my television (high tech) to make a crack about how somebody must have told Gregg Popovich, given his choice of attire, that it was “Casual Wednesday at Target Center” this evening. No offense, but look at that collar. Did that shirt get caught in the dryer lint trap before he packed it?

But still, look at that photo. How cool is it that the amber glow almost perfectly obscures his left eye and makes the gray-haired Spurs coach look like some kind of cyborg sent from the future and programmed to mercilessly dispatch crappy teams?

Yeah, the Wolves blew it. They were up big early and gave up the ghost unconvinced that it can win and blew it in overtime. But do not fret: Terminator Coach Guy is somewhere nearby. Watching. Ironing.