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Finally, We Can Now Know What The Montreal Canadiens Think Of Justin Bieber!

With Justin Bieber in town on Tuesday night to make little girls and pederasts alike swoon with giddy – as well as inappropriate – delight, some geniuses affiliated with the Habs organization thought it would be a super neat idea to poll some members of the Montreal Canadiens to get their thoughts regarding the teen pop megastar. Brilliant. I imagine there were few things these guys would have preferred to be doing than dishing on Justin Bieber, although I wonder if their opinions would have changed had they known that the Biebster – a native of Stratford, Ontario – would proceed to profess his love for the hated Maple Leafs (via The Gazette):

Having been well-briefed on local customs, he went on to compliment Montreal’s “beautiful girls” and playfully prod fans by proclaiming his love for the Toronto Maple Leafs during the course of the show.

Thankfully, his wide-eyed followers were not totally awestruck; the latter moment was the only time they defied him, giddily booing the Leafs and shouting “Go Habs Go!” instead of his requested “Go Leafs Go!”

Blasphemy! The nerve of that little tween twerp! You can’t just go around denigrating a town’s hockey team, especially in Canada. Sure, he may be a superstar adored by 12-year-old girls who have little to no understanding what constitutes good music, but even he hasn’t earned that right yet. I mean, who does he think he is, the second-coming of Andy Gibb or something?

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